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frontline: blair’s war: the prime minister: a man of ‘moral certainty’ | PBS: “In America, the natural response to 9/11 was to see that this is a security issue; this was about protecting the American people from future attack. I think Blair saw it in a slightly different way. He saw it as a challenge, if you like, to Western leaders to get out and try and reconstruct the world in a way that prevented future events of this kind happening. … It’s not simply about defense; it’s not simply about protection; it’s not simply about targeting your enemies and destroying them. It’s actually about creating an entirely new global environment in which phenomena like Al Qaeda, rogue states like Iraq simply don’t happen.
Now this is a fantastically grandiose image. … It assumes that individual powers like Britain and America can go out and remake the world. But nonetheless, I think that is the way [Blair] sees things.”


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