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babble: Bush Ignored Warnings About 9-11: Terrorism Adviser: “When people suggest that oil was a consideration behind Bush’s invasion, it doesn’t mean the US wants to import the oil. They want to control it, which is a completely different thing. After all, the US has never needed Middle Eastern oil for its own use — they get enough from places like Venezuela and Canada, not to mention their own reserves. And yet securing domination over the Arabian oilfields has been a central US policy concern for decades. Why? Because Middle Eastern oil is important for two reasons: (A) the power and geopolitical leverage over the rest of the world that accrue to whoever controls it, and (B) the profits that accrue to whoever controls it.
The US doesn’t want to pull up to the Middle Eastern gas station and fill up its tank. They want to own the gas station. That way they get the money from gas sales, plus they get to decide who else does or doesn’t get to fill up their tank.”


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