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Reasons for the war against Iraq: (updated)
�Saddam is a blood-thirsty tyrant.
�Saddam has defied the United Nations on numerous occasions.
�Saddam has backed terrorists in the past.
�Removing Saddam will reinforce respect for American power and spark democratic reform in the Middle East.
�The president wants to avenge his father and please his base.
�Donald Rumsfeld wants to exorcise the post-Vietnam focus on American imperfections and limitations.
�Dick Cheney wants to establish America’s primacy as the sole superpower.
�Richard Perle wants to liberate Iraq and remove a mortal threat to Israel.
�After Desert Storm Paul Wolfowitz posited that containment is a relic and America must aggressively preempt threats.
�America wants control (read: influence) over oil; it provides power, geopolitical leverage, and, ultimately, profit
�Militaries need to be exercised if they are to remain effective; if an army sees no combat for decades, it atrophies. Iraq to try out the latest and greatest hardware.


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