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BBC NEWS | Middle East | Right of return: Palestinian dream: “But for Israel, granting the right of return would be tantamount to surrendering the country’s identity.

With a population of 6.6m, of which 5.4m are Jewish, opening the door to a potential 4 million returnees would threaten the demographic balance – and thus the very nature – of the world’s only Jewish state.

They also question whether the language used in resolution 194 amounts to a ‘right’ to return, and raise their own human rights fears that returnees would be hostile to Israel.

There is also debate over the number of refugees who initially left in 1948, and whether it was Arabs or Jews who caused them to go.

The Israelis have long called for the refugees to be absorbed into their Arab host countries.

But most host nations have refused, wishing neither to capitulate to Israeli demands nor to upset the demographic balances of their own populations.”

Neighbouring countries have exacerbated the situation by refusing to offer services such as education to the displaced peoples so that their conditions are worsened. They do this to put pressure on Israel, but in doing so, they old the Palestinian Diaspora hostage.


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