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The courts and the fence/wall: The Palestinian people and leadership were quite confused and disappointed by the negative American official response to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision, simply because there are only two ways for Palestinians to achieve their objectives. One way is the approach that is promoted by the extremists: fighting by any possible means to defeat the occupation and the Israelis–regardless of any political, legal, or human consideration. The other path is based on pursuing legal methods and using international law.

The Palestinian peace camp bases its demands and political program on the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and international law. Members of this camp have always tried to convince their fellow Palestinians that law is the language that the civilized world, especially the West, understands. We have argued that if we Palestinians want to attract the support of the international community, especially Europe and the United States, we have to pursue legal methods and procedures and to base our objectives on the parameters of international law and the relevant Security Council resolutions. Taking the issue of the wall to the ICJ in The Hague is an illustration of the approach the Palestinian peace camp promotes. Unfortunately, the dismissive and negative reception in Washington to this opinion has a very destructive effect on the ongoing debate between these two tendencies within the Palestinian society.


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