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babble: What should be done about bad/failed states?What should be done about
bad/failed states?

  • Sanction them (like Iraq)
  • Ignore them (like Zimbabwe)
  • Invade them (like Afghanistan)
  • Support them (like Saudi Arabia)
  • Finance/Aid them (like Sudan)
  • Finance the opposition (like Haiti)
  • Fruitlessly and hopelessly negotiate with them (like North Korea)
  • Chastise them (like Pakistan)
  • Give the opposition moral, but not financial support (like Burma)
  • Leave them to the devices of ineffective regional organizations (like
    Liberia and the AU)

  • Fund neutral NGOs to do work for the citizens of that country (like

  • Engage them (like China)
  • Teach them (promoting democracy in East Asia)
  • Cajole them (tying aid to good governance in Africa as a spur to political

  • Profit from them (letting Nigeria fester so long as it continues to export


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