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Rick Salutin: Partition has been tested: it doesn’t workIndia and Pakistan were partitioned, followed by Bangladesh, with continuing prospects of nuclear war. Cyprus remains partitioned and unresolved. Ditto Ireland. And the Mideast. Those are old examples, yet the model persists in Kashmir, Sri Lanka, the former Yugoslavia � where ethnic cleansing was part of the process.

Palestinian prime minister Ahmed Qureia was up to some political mischief last week. He said that if Israel keeps building a wall around the shrinking Palestinian enclaves in Gaza and the West Bank, Palestinians may give up on the long-standing two-state solution, and go for a single state. That idea has been bruited by Palestinians recently, partly, it seems, as a way to spook Israelis with the thought of a single state (in which Jews would soon be outnumbered) and so pressure them back to serious negotiations for a Palestinian state.


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