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Arie Lova Eliav from bitterlemons: God forbid, the Palestinians have their way and about two million refugees settle, say, in Kiryat Gat, which was pre-1948 Fallujah. I built Kiryat Gat. They’ll have to deport the Jewish refugees who live there and were settled by me. Then we have to destroy the Intel and Indigo hi-tech plants and erase Kiryat Gat and create the new Fallujah. This means the destruction of Israel in no time.

You can’t turn back the clock of history after such a war [1948 war], because if you give the right of return you bring havoc to the whole very delicate balance of humanity. The war of 1948 was the outcome of the events of WWII where I was a soldier. Millions of Russian and German refugees were deported. If you go by the right of return rule, then they should all claim the right of return to what is now Poland, to Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad) in eastern Prussia, to the Sudetenland in the Czech Republic. The same goes for India and Pakistan, where millions were deported and have no right of return. I speak as one of those who were in charge of settling hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees in Israel; I built entire regions in Israel to absorb refugees. More than half of Israelis are refugees and their children, including myself; I arrived in Palestine at age three. Both peoples have a large refugee proportion. We resettled them, and so can the Palestinians, with modern technology and a Marshall Plan.

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