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To vote for Roosevelt?

Roosevelt deserves praise for his reaction to Pearl Harbour but has made some mistakes. He lost the battle of the Kasserine Pass in 1943. On D-Day he lost over 3,000 men in what his opponent called the �wrong invasion at the wrong time and in the wrong place�. Afterwards, Roosevelt, in battles that he outsourced to an ally, let 40,000 Germans escape from Falaise and another 80,000 from Walcheren. His biggest mistake, though, was the internment of thousands of people of Japanese ancestry, whether innocent or guilty, without trial. And he did not dismiss Chester Nimitz after Admiral Yamamoto was shot down without a trial and Japanese merchant vessels were sunk in blatant disregard of Geneva conventions.
If Roosevelt had made progress elsewhere in the world, it might have outweighed such mistakes. But �liberated� France is in disarray and China remains under occupation. Only the overthrow of Mussolini is clear progress.


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