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This is the sort of work that I`ve been doing at the Centre National d`Exposition as I`ve been working there for the past two weeks.

Monday, April 25: Took down show from National Gallery. Works from Newfoundland artist. Crated show. Was a gofer for Serge – doing things like grabbing the escabo.
Tuesday, April 26: Helped to complete takedown of previous show, doing things like sanding the mud that I had put in the walls yesterday after removing the nails and picture hangers from the walls.
Wednesday, April 27: Helped load show onto truck with “Bill“ who was transporting it over to the National Gallery. He knew my dad and dad helped to unload the show by the time it reached Ottawa. They said “hi“ and I was able to help because I spoke more French than him. It was also the first time that I heard Denise speak English and only then did I realize how good she is!
Thursday, April 28: Helped to put up “Espaces Libres“ show, including consulting with Alain about the order that pictures should be placed in in the salle and helping with the picture mounts and helping to drill holes in the ceiling to run the support wires from. Stuffed invitations to the show into envelopes and affixed postage to them. Some were hand-signed by Alain (personal invitations to friends). Others were just for other galleries and the media.
Friday, April 29: Helped to finish set up of “Espaces Libres“ show including fiddling with the lighting.
Monday May 4, Tuesday, May 5: Did lots of “animation“ this week with student groups. Especially enjoyed the older group of art students that came because I was able to talk with them lots. Also enjoyed the “garderie“`kids because I was able to read kids books with them at we`re about at the same level in terms of oral French (even if I can cheat and look at the answers in the books when they can`t because I can read :). Sorted piles of cardboard CNE advertisement pamphlets into piles of 100 for Jacquelin. To be delivered next week.
Wednesday, May 4: Helped Alain Duman take photos of works in the second salle. Would get the light to flash at appropriate times as he used the light meter. Chatted about his amazing set of cameras (including two Hasselblads!) that he used for his exibition and uses regualrly. Stuffed envelopes for Lucie.
Thursday, May 5: Helped set up for “Espaces Libres“ vernissage. Helped to unload next week`s show from truck that came in at 9:00. Did lettering for sign at front of CNE. Helped arrange chairs and seat people for Quilting workshop. Watched the workshop.
Friday, May 6: Came into work and turned on lights, TV for salles and then helped to change burnt-out bulb. Cleaned up after vernissage (like moving vin downstairs). Helped set up activities for kids who came to the centre because of the teacher`s strike. Left early because it was just such a nice day and I was able to go to Canadian tire and ride my bike around town. It was my first day riding my bike to work. Went over my goals for the trimester with Jacquelin.

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