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Vendredi le 3 juin: Denise (supervisor) was off work today. Came in and applied another coat of paint to the black boxes. Faxed off personal, signed forms about credit card fraud (saying that I didn`t do it) and had the Director of the gallery, Jacquelin, witness them. Left work early because it was just such a beautiful day. Took advantage of the sun and went biking. Stopped by at almost all of the other Katimavikers workplaces and went to the Chcioutimi Katima-house.
Tuesday, June 7th: Moved black boxes downstairs and applied glue to styrofoam. Organized the workshop in the room where we do activities with the kids.
Mercredi 8 juin: Did photocopying in morning of arists`s proposals for funding allocation meeting this evening. Researched Halloween Craft ideas during afternoon. Organized the large sheets of paper in the main workshop and discarded extras.


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