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Following the withdrawl, Israel will continue to control international crossing points like Gaza’s border with Egypt. Total Israeli control over borders will essentially turn Gaza into the world’s largest prison, with Israel acting as the warden.

Israel will have exclusive use of, and control over, all of Gaza’s airspace, and full control over its territorial waters, both of which form part of Gaza’s territory. This means that Palestinians will not be “allowed” to have an airport, independent satellite communications, and possibly not even a seaport–essentially cutting Gaza off from the rest of the world. The fact that Israel insists on giving its “permission” for such basic public services demonstrates who really is in control of Gaza.

Moving on to borders, Gaza will be cut off from the rest of the occupied Palestinian territory (the West Bank, including East Jerusalem), as Israel will control all border crossings. Neither people nor goods will be able to move in or out of Gaza without Israel’s permission, even though the international community (as well as Israel itself in the Oslo Accords) has recognized that Gaza and the West Bank form one territorial unit. Israel’s plan is to undermine the territorial unity of the occupied Palestinian territory by cutting Gaza off from Palestinian political and administrative centers in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

The Occupation won’t end with the withdrawl of settlers from Gaza.

– Saeb Erekat


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