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Next Generation – Women Excluded? Editors Respond: “At Electronic Gaming Monthly, we have a bit of that ‘chicken/egg syndrome.’ Only 7% of our readers are female. Is that because female gamers aren’t as likely to pick up a videogame magazine, or is it because we don’t target female readers? Plus, what does ‘target female gamers’ mean anyway? More coverage on Barbie games? I don�t think that’s what they want. From the feedback we’ve gotten, our female readers are just as interested in ‘guy games’ like Halo or Soul Calibur as their male peers. I do feel our editorial language is pretty gender-neutral, though. We don’t necessarily write with a male readership in mind, plus, we have our Managing Editor Jennifer Tsao to keep us in check in case any ‘boy jokes’ sneak their way into the copy. So yeah, we don’t really feel like we need to defend ourselves here. That’s more for those swimsuit-issue videogame mags to do.”

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