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Salon.com Technology | Throwing Google at the book: “‘My blood is boiling just as you relay this to me.’ As Dibbell sees it, ‘Google is not piggybacking on my creative effort in the same parasitic way that a movie based on a novel might be doing.’ To Dibbell, Google is acting not like the Hollywood producer who steals an author’s ideas, but instead like a book reviewer who popularizes an author’s work. After all, Dibbell notes, book reviewers routinely use snippets from books in their reviews, and magazines and newspapers make loads of money from advertisements they run alongside book reviews. Authors don’t feel entitled to any of that money.”

Authors don’t ask for money in that case because the book review is adding value to their work; it is a creation – the star attraction. Similarly, Google Print is where the value lies. The search engine. Not the individual books. The star attraction is the pointers, the links: not the content.

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