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Monte Solberg, Member of Parliament for Medicine Hat: “Can you imagine Santa having to compete in the gift giving department with the Libs?

Santa swings by and offers Sally an unrealistically proportioned Barbie doll (when will Mattel start making a more potato shaped Barbie?). Normally that would be a great gift. But then Paul Martin swings by and gives Sally institutional daycare and, if Sally is a Liberal, a big, fat severance package! Why, there’s no contest. Santa would be hooped.

Imagine Jack bursting through the door, his moustache white with…er…frost, his merry eyes twinkiling. He reaches into his sack and pulls out a tax hike. Yessss!

There it is, a tax hike all decorated up as social justice, festooned with bows of envy and sparkling with resentment. Why it would be the perfect gift for every child.”

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