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“A cursory glance at the history of the last 38 years of occupation should show Israelis that the only period of relative peace and relative security was the period that followed negotiations and agreements. The only way to ensure peace, security and economic prosperity for both sides is when they can recognize and deal with the other as a party that has the same legitimate rights to freedom, independence, peace and security.” Ghassan Khatib is right. The only path to peace is for both sides to stop impuning the humanity of the other side. The only path to peace is through compromise. And that sounds like a platitude, but it’s truly difficult: it involves both sides giving up rights. Rights. And that’s something really difficult to do. But the Israelis aren’t going away. And despite greater numbers the Palestinians will never acheive a military victory. And so the only road to peace is when they accept that – like it or not – idealism will only begat another three generations of conflict. Give up the right of return (Noam Chomsky is wrong – the Palestinians have not given up that hope). Give up the right to strike back at the terrorists. Give it up. Give up recourse to international law. The facts on the ground are the only facts that matter. That’s why the wall is so dangerous.


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