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During the buildup to the war on Iraq, Brent Scowcroft, a national security advisor under George HW Bush, published an op-ed arguing that the impending war was wrongheaded.  His arguments (e.g. no link between Iraq, Al Quaeda) are vindicated by history.  But at the time he had to be quiet about his opposition, lest it be seen as George’s dad pulling the strings behind the scenes.  One argument against having a President’s son take up the job: you de facto silence those with experience who could give advice.  And you can’t just have this advice behind closed doors because the adminsitation’s battles are fought in the media.  There is no sharp distinction between the private and public in government.  That’s why, after Scowcroft published his op-ed, Powell gave me a call with a simple message: thanks for the breathing room. 


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