Peter MacKay Lies to Parliament

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Peter MacKay told a blatant lie in Parliament on a matter that is important to me. The Conservatives cut the Young Professionals International (YPI) program, but when MacKay was questioned about this he fibbed that it was the Liberals who had cut the program.

I know several people who have had strong experiences with the program that have contributed markedly to their career. I was planning on applying to the program after I graduated.

The Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada web page explains that “In the Government’s announcement of its restraint measures on September 25th, YPI was identified as a non-core program for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Funding for current participants will be maintained, but the program will end March 31st, 2007.

Keith Martin (L) asked Peter MacKay (C) about the program’s cancellation in parliament this week (link to YouTube video of exchange). MacKay deflected Martin’s question by saying that it was not the Conservatives, but in fact the Liberals who canceled the program. This is not true, as

  1. Liberals like Keith Martin will tell you, the program was being fully supported by the Liberal government
  2. Peter MacKay’s comment is in stark opposition to the aforecited page on the Foreign Affairs web site which notes that it was in fact the Conservatives who cut the program.

MacKay lied.


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